In the past couple of years rental scams are on the rise in the city of Tel Aviv, so it is important to look into the person or company that you are dealing with and to make sure they are legitimate.

Here are a few things to look out for:

If you approach a website where you can only view one photo of the apartment, that most likely looks good, chances are the rest of the rooms don't look as good.

Always ask to see a contract before entering a vacation apartment and be sure to check that the contract is legitimate and is written properly.

Make sure you receive your own signed copy of the contract when entering an apartment.

Be cautious when browsing through free online ads. These sites are usually filled with scam ads as well. There is no way to verify these properties beforehand.

Beware of vacation rental listings that have no photos at all.

Beware of email correspondence from the "landlord" written in poor or bad English.

Ask to see the exact location on Google maps.

Try to make conversation with the owner or owner representative before making any decisions.

Make sure the representative you are dealing with has the right to rent the property, if not it is illegal subletting which means you could be told to leave the apartment at any point of your rental period if the landlord finds out.

Make sure you ask or receive detailed information of the equipment in the holiday apartment and not just a general description of the property.

Be aware of what you are paying for, if the price includes all of the bills or is just for the rent.

If the rental price is extremely low in comparison to everything else you have looked at, then chances are there is something wrong or illegitimate with this apartment.

If you pay a down payment make sure it's through a verified common transfer form (PayPal, Credit Card company) and that the request for the payment is from a company.

Make sure to see that there is a legitimate company name on the contract that you can investigate further.