Mohilever Bauhaus 1  24 Mohilever St, Tel Aviv, Israel.

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House Rules:
Check-In starts from 2 PM until 7 PM.
Check-out time is 10 AM.
Payment do at check in day at acceptable in cash or credit.
Smoking is not allowed in the apartment.
Price does not include the use of electricity
Price does not include the use of electricity

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  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Guests: 6
  • Floor: 1
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Size: 65 sqm
  • Quiet Apartment
  • Hairdryer
  • Iron
  • Shower
  • Dining Table
  • Equipped Kitchenette
  • Guests Sofa Bed
  • Private Parking
  • Free Parking
  • Cables TV
  • Wi-Fi/Internet
  • Air Conditioning

About Mohilever Bauhaus 1

Designed with contemporary interior and furnished with modern furniture, this apartment is perfect for business or pleasure. The apartment has two spacious bedrooms, a bathroom, a modern kitchen and comfy sitting room. 1 of the Bedroom's is the Upstairs Gallery. This high end suite is always kept well maintained and clean. Moreover this is one of the few Tel Aviv apartments that come with a private parking lot.

Guests planning to rent a car during their stay in Tel Aviv should especially consider renting this place. It is situated on 24 Mohilever Street. It is 65sqm in size and can comfortably accommodate six individuals.

About the Area



This Tel Aviv vacation rental is located near the following three hotspots: Nahalat Benyamin, Rothschild Boulevard and Neve Zedek. It is only about 200 meters far from all these tourist destinations.

Moreover, this apartment is surrounded by famous coffee shops, restaurants, clubs and bars. In addition, the well-known and busy Carmel market is nearby where you will have a great shopping experience.

Holiday/Vacation Rental in Tel Aviv



Among all holiday rentals Tel Aviv, this two-bedroom apartment is the perfect place to stay during your vacation in Tel Aviv because it offers more value than expensive hotel rooms.

The apartment can be booked for either short term or long term rental. Family, travelling businessmen or individuals on a medical tour can all choose to stay here. The final rent of this two-bedroom apartment depends on the guest’s length and season of stay.

Features of Mohaliver Bauhaus 1



Every room in this apartment has an A/C. Plus this apartment also comes with a high-speed internet WiFi connection and Cable Tv service. Guests can watch their favorite channels on a 32 inch LCD TV located in the sitting room. Lastly, the apartment has a fully equipped kitchenette where guests can prepare their own meals at ease.

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