Gordon / Dizengof 1 BR  44 Frug Street, Tel Aviv, Israel.

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House Rules:
Check-In starts from 2 PM until 7 PM.
Check-out time is 10 AM.
Payment do at check in day at acceptable in cash or credit.
Smoking is not allowed in the apartment.
Price does not include the use of electricity
Price does not include the use of electricity

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  • Bedrooms: 1
  • Guests: 4
  • Floor: 3
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Size: 55 sqm
  • Quiet Apartment
  • Hairdryer
  • Iron
  • Washing machine
  • Shower
  • Dining Table
  • Equipped Kitchen
  • Guests Sofa Bed
  • Nearby Parking lot
  • Cables TV
  • Wi-Fi/Internet
  • Air Conditioning

About Gordon/Dizengoff

Newly Renovated Feb 2013| Twin Apartment 2 BD Next Door an option

This 55 sqm one bedroom apartment outshines many Tel Aviv apartments in features and comfort. It has one bedroom, two bathrooms, one spacious living room and a kitchen. The apartment is located on Gordon/Frug Streets. 



The place can easily accommodate up to four individuals and is perfect for a small group of individuals. The best thing about this Tel Aviv accommodation is that it was recently furnished so the place looks clean & new. It is furnished with comfortable and classy furniture.



About the Area



The area is perfect for vacationers to stay because it is located in the middle of all Tel Aviv attractions. The apartment lies between Dizengoff and Ben Yehuda Street. The Gordon and Frishman beaches and Dizingoff center are also very near the apartment.

Lastly, you will find famous restaurants, bars and clubs near the apartment. You will be able to explore the city with ease because the apartment has a strategic location.

Holiday/Vacation Rental in Tel Aviv



This Tel Aviv holiday rental is a much better option than an expensive hotel room because it offers more benefits to the guest.

The place can be booked for short term or long term rental. Individuals on a medical tour or even individuals on a business trip can choose to stay in this apartment. The apartment’s rent is based on how long and which season you visit the White City.

Features of Gordon/Dizengoff



This Tel Aviv apartment has unbelievable features. It has an AC in every room and there is a 32 inch LCD TV in the living room. You can watch your favorite channel thanks to the cable service.

In addition, the apartment has an internet connection so you can surf the internet whenever you like. There is also a fully-equipped kitchen where you prepare your own meals.

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